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    twice as much/many
  1. 1[uncountable] twice the number or amount He gets paid double for doing the same job I do.
  2. alcoholic drink
  3. 2[countable] a glass of strong alcoholic drink containing twice the usual amount Two Scotches, please—and make those doubles, will you?
  4. person/thing
  5. 3[countable] a person or thing that looks exactly like another She's the double of her mother.
  6. 4[countable] an actor who replaces another actor in a movie to do dangerous or other special things see also body double
  7. bedroom
  8. 5[countable] = double room Is that a single or a double you want? compare single (2)
  9. in sports
  10. 6doubles [uncountable] a game, especially of tennis, in which one pair plays another mixed doubles (= in which each pair consists of a man and a woman) compare single (5)
  11. Idioms
    double or nothing
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    (in gambling) a risk in which you could win twice the amount you pay, or you could lose all your money
    on the double (informal)
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    quickly; hurrying
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