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  1. 1= drawing, drawing
  2. sports/games
  3. 2a game in which both teams or players finish with the same number of points He managed to hold Smith to a draw (= to stop him from winning when he seemed likely to do so). compare tie (5)
  4. attraction
  5. 3a person, a thing, or an event that attracts a lot of people synonym attraction She is currently one of the biggest draws on the music scene.
  6. smoke
  7. 4an act of breathing in the smoke from a cigarette synonym drag She took one last draw from the cigarette.
  8. Idioms
      be quick/fast on the draw
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    1. 1(informal) to be quick to understand or react in a new situation You can't fool him— he's always quick on the draw.
    2. 2to be quick at pulling out a gun in order to shoot it
    the luck of the draw
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    the fact that chance decides something, in a way that you cannot control To a large extent the life you have depends on who your parents were; it's just the luck of the biological draw.
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