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  1. 1a musical instrument made of a hollow round frame with plastic or skin stretched tightly across one or both ends. You play it by hitting it with sticks or with your hands. a bass drum Tony Hill on drums to play the drums a regular drum beat There was a great crash and then a long roll of drums.
  2. 2a large container for oil or chemicals, shaped like a cylinder a 50 gallon drum an oil drum
  3. 3a thing shaped like a drum, especially part of a machine The mixture flows to a revolving drum where the water is filtered out.
  4. Idioms
    beat/bang the drum (for somebody/something)
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    to speak with enthusiasm in support of someone or something She's really banging the drum for the new system.
    march to (the beat of) a different drummer/drum
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    to behave in a different way from other people; to have different attitudes or ideas She was a gifted and original artist who marched to a different drummer.
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