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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they dump
    he / she / it dumps
    past simple dumped
    -ing form dumping
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    get rid of
  1. 1dump something to get rid of something you do not want, especially in a place which is not suitable Too much toxic waste is being dumped in the ocean. The dead body was just dumped by the roadside.
  2. 2dump somebody/something (on somebody) (informal) to get rid of someone or something or leave them for someone else to deal with He's got no right to keep dumping his problems on me.
  3. 3dump something (business) to get rid of goods by selling them at a very low price, often in another country
  4. put down
  5. 4dump something to put something down in a careless or messy way Just dump your stuff over there—we'll sort it out later.
  6. end relationship
  7. 5dump somebody (informal) to end a romantic relationship with someone Did you hear he dumped his girlfriend?
  8. computing
  9. 6dump something to copy information and move it somewhere to store it
  10. Idioms
    drop/dump something in somebody's lap (informal)
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    to make something the responsibility of another person They dropped the problem back in my lap.
    Phrasal Verbsdump on somebody
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