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    (easier, easiest)
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  1. 1not difficult; done or obtained without a lot of effort or problems an easy exam/job He didn't make it easy for me to leave. Their house isn't the easiest place to get to. vegetables that are easy to grow Several schools are within easy reach (= not far away). It can't be easy for her, by herself with the kids. It's easy for you to tell me to keep calm, but you're not in my position. It would be the easiest thing in the world to fall in love with him. opposite hard
  2. 2comfortable, relaxed, and not worried I'll agree to anything for an easy life. opposite uneasy
  3. 3[only before noun] open to attack; not able to defend yourself She's an easy target for their criticisms. The baby fish are easy prey for birds.
  4. 4[only before noun] pleasant and friendly synonym easygoing He had a very easy manner. opposite awkward
  5. 5[not usually before noun] (informal) (disapproving) (of women) willing to have sex with many different people see also easily
    noun [uncountable]
  7. Idioms
    as easy as anything/as pie/as ABC/as falling off a log (informal)
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    very easy or very easily Fooling him was as easy as falling off a log.
    money that you get without having to work very hard for it
    easy on the ear/eye (informal)
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    pleasant to listen to or look at The room was painted in soft pastels that were easy on the eye.
    the easy/soft option (often disapproving)
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    a choice that is thought to be easier because it involves less effort, difficulty, etc. They are anxious that the new course should not be seen as a soft option. He decided to take the easy option and give them what they wanted. Thesaurusoptionchoice alternative possibilityThese are all words for something that you choose to do in a particular situation.option something that you can choose to have or do; the freedom to choose what you do:We are currently studying all the options available. He was given one month's imprisonment without the option of a fine. Option is also the word used in computing for one of the choices you can make when using a computer program:Choose the “Cut” option from the Edit menu.choice the freedom to choose what you do; something that you can choose to have or do:If I had the choice, I would stop working tomorrow. She has a number of choices available to her.alternative something that you can choose to have or do out of two or more possibilities:You can be paid in cash weekly or by check monthly: Those are the two alternatives.option, choice, or alternative?Choice is slightly less formal than option, and alternative is slightly more formal. Choice is most often used for “the freedom to choose,” although you can sometimes also use option (but not usually alternative):If I had the choice/option, I would… If I had the alternative, I would… parental choice in education parental option/alternative in education. Things that you can choose are options, choices, or alternatives. However, alternative is more frequently used to talk about choosing between two things rather than several.possibility one of the different things that you can do in a particular situation:We need to explore a wide range of possibilities. The possibilities are endless. Possibility can be used in a similar way to option, choice, and alternative, but the emphasis here is less on the need to make a choice, and more on what is available.Patterns with/without the option/choice/possibility >of>something a(n) good/acceptable/reasonable/possible option/choice/alternative the only option/choice/alternative/possibility >open to>somebody to have a/an/the option/choice >of doing something> to have no option/choice/alternative >but to>do something a number/range of options/choices/alternatives/possibilities
    an easy/a soft touch (informal)
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    a person that you can easily persuade to do something, especially to give you money Unfortunately, my father is no soft touch.
    free and easy
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    informal; relaxed Life was never going to be so free and easy again.
    have an easy time (of it)
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    to have no difficulties or problems He's had an easy time of it since he married Lucy.
    have a rough/an easy ride, give somebody a rough/an easy ride (informal)
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    to experience/not experience difficulties when you are doing something; to make things difficult/easy for someone He's going to have a rough ride at the board meeting next week.
    I'm easy (informal)
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    used to say that you do not have a strong opinion when someone has offered you a choice “Do you want to watch this or the news?” “Oh, I'm easy. It's up to you.”
    of easy virtue (old-fashioned)
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    (of a woman) willing to have sex with anyone
    on easy street
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    enjoying a comfortable way of life with plenty of money
    take the easy way out
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    to end a difficult situation by choosing the simplest solution even if it is not the best one He took the easy way out and didn't go to the meeting.
    within (easy) reach (of something)
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    close to something The house is within easy reach of schools and sports facilities. Mount Vernon and Arlington National Cemetery are both within easy reach for day trips.
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