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  1. 1a large, impressive building an imposing edifice
  2. 2(figurative) Their new manifesto hardly threatens to bring the whole edifice of capitalism crashing down.
  3. 3(figurative) an edifice of lies Thesaurusbuildingproperty premises complex structureThese are all words for a structure such as a house, school, or factory that has a roof and four walls.building a structure such as a house, school, or factory that has a roof and four wallsproperty a building or buildings and the surrounding land; land and buildings:We have a buyer who would like to view the property. Property values have risen enormously. This word is often used when talking about buying/selling houses or other buildings and land.premises [pl.] (formal) the building or buildings and surrounding land that a business or person owns or uses:The police searched the premises.complex a group of buildings of a similar type together in one place:an apartment complexstructure a thing that is made of several parts, especially a building:The pier is a wooden structure.Patterns (a/an) commercial/industrial/residential building/property/premises/complex an apartment building/complex a/the school building/premises to build a property/complex/structure to put up a building/property/structure to demolish/knock down a building/property/complex/structure
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