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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they elevate
    he / she / it elevates
    past simple elevated
    -ing form elevating
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  1. 1(formal) to give someone or something a higher position or rank, often more important than they deserve synonym raise, promote elevate somebody/something (to something) He elevated many of his friends to powerful positions within the government. elevate something (into something) He was a great writer who elevated travel writing into an art.
  2. 2elevate something (technology or formal) to lift something up or put something in a higher position It is important to elevate the injured leg.
  3. 3elevate something (technology) to make the level of something increase Smoking often elevates blood pressure.
  4. 4elevate something (formal) to improve a person's mood, so that they feel happy The song never failed to elevate his spirits.
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