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  1. 1(used in questions or after nothing, nobody, something, anything, etc.)
  2. 2in addition to something already mentioned What else did he say? I don't want anything else, thanks. I'm taking a few clothes and some books, not much else.
  3. 3different Ask somebody else to help you. Don't you have anything else to wear? Why didn't you come? Everybody else was there. Yes I did give it to her. What else could I do?
  4. Idioms
    1. 1if not synonym otherwise Hurry up or else you'll be late. They can't be coming or else they'd have called.
    2. 2used to introduce the second of two possibilities He either forgot or else decided not to come.
    3. 3(informal) used to threaten or warn someone Just shut up, or else!
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