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(of a person or their behavior) shy, awkward, or ashamed, especially in a social situation I've never felt so embarrassed in my life! Her remark was followed by an embarrassed silence. embarrassed about something She's embarrassed about her height. embarrassed at something He felt embarrassed at being the center of attention. embarrassed to do something Some women are too embarrassed to consult their doctor about the problem. Which Word?ashamed / embarrassed You feel ashamed when you feel guilty because of something wrong that you have deliberately done:You should be ashamed of treating your daughter like that.Do not use ashamed when you are talking about something that is not very serious or important:I am sorry that I forgot to buy milk. I am ashamed that I forgot to buy milk. You feel embarrassed when you have made a mistake or done something stupid or feel awkward in front of other people:I was embarrassed about forgetting his name.
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