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  1. 1(used after verbs, adjectives, and adverbs)
  2. 2to the necessary degree I haven't trained enough for the game. This house isn't big enough for us. She's old enough to decide for herself. We didn't leave early enough. Tell them it's just not good enough. Who on earth would be stupid enough to believe that? Two years ago I was lucky enough to visit some friends in Japan.
  3. 3to an acceptable degree, but not to a very great degree He seemed pleasant enough to me.
  4. 4to a degree that you do not wish to get any greater I hope my job's safe. Life is hard enough as it is.
  5. Idioms
    be man enough (to do something/for something)
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    to be strong or brave enough He was not man enough to face up to his responsibility.
    fair enough (informal)
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    used to say that an idea or a suggestion seems reasonable “We'll meet at 8.” “Fair enough.” If you don't want to come, fair enough, but let Bill know.
    go far enough
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    (used in questions and negative sentences) to achieve all that is wanted The new legislation is welcome but does not go far enough. Do these measures go far enough? (disapproving) Stop it now. The joke has gone far enough (= it has continued too long).
    (as) like as not, like enough, most/very like (old-fashioned)
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    quite probably She would be in bed by now, as like as not.
    oddly, strangely, curiously, etc. enough
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    used to show that something is surprising Oddly enough, I said the same thing myself only yesterday.
    sure enough
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    used to say that something happened as expected I said he'd forget, and sure enough he did. “Stop,” she said, “I can hear something.” Sure enough, in the distance we could hear the sound of a car approaching.
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