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  1. 1[countable] entrance (to something) a door, gate, passage, etc. used for entering a room, building, or place the entrance to the museum/the museum entrance A lighthouse marks the entrance to the harbor. the front/back/side entrance of the house I'll meet you at the main entrance. compare exit
  2. going in
  3. 2[countable, usually singular] the act of entering a room, building, or place, especially in a way that attracts the attention of other people His sudden entrance took everyone by surprise. A fanfare signaled the entrance of the king. She made her entrance after all the other guests had arrived. The hero makes his entrance (= walks onto the stage) in Scene 2.
  4. 3[uncountable] entrance (to something) the right or opportunity to enter a building or place They were refused entrance to the exhibition. The police were unable to gain entrance to the house. an entrance fee (= money paid to go into a museum, etc.)
  5. becoming involved
  6. 4[countable] entrance (into something) the act of becoming involved in something The company made a dramatic entrance into the export market.
  7. to club/institution
  8. 5[uncountable] permission to become a member of a club or society, a student at a college, etc. a college entrance exam entrance requirements entrance (to something) Entrance to the golf club is by sponsorship only. compare entry
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