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  1. 1the things that are needed for a particular purpose or activity a useful piece of equipment for the kitchen office equipment new equipment for the sports club
  2. 2the process of providing a place or person with necessary things The equipment of the photographic studio was expensive. Thesaurusequipmentmaterial gear kit apparatusThese are all words for the things that you need for a particular purpose or the things that are needed for a particular purpose or activity:camping equipment a piece of laboratory/medical equipmentmaterial things that are needed for a particular activity:household cleaning materials teaching materialequipment or material?Equipment is usually solid things, especially large ones. Materials may be liquids, powders, or books, CDs, etc. containing information, as well as small solid items.gear the equipment or clothes needed for a particular activity:Camping gear can be expensive.kit a set of tools or equipment that you use for a particular purpose:a first-aid kit a sewing kitapparatus (formal) the tools or other pieces of equipment that are needed for a particular activity or task:breathing apparatus for firefighters laboratory apparatus Apparatus is used especially for scientific, medical, or technical purposes.Patterns electrical/electronic equipment/gear/apparatus sports equipment/gear camping equipment/gear a piece of equipment/apparatus
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