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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they evade
    he / she / it evades
    past simple evaded
    -ing form evading
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  1. 1evade (doing) something to escape from someone or something or avoid meeting someone For two weeks they evaded the press. He managed to evade capture.
  2. 2evade (doing) something to find a way of not doing something, especially something that legally or morally you should do to evade payment of taxes She is trying to evade all responsibility for her behavior. He never sought to evade his responsibilities.
  3. 3to avoid dealing with or talking about something evade something Come on, don't you think you're evading the issue? evade doing something to evade answering a question
  4. 4evade somebody (formal) to not come or happen to someone synonym elude The answer evaded him (= he could not think of it). see also evasion, evasive
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