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  1. 1clear; easily seen synonym obvious
  2. 2 The orchestra played with evident enjoyment. evident (to somebody) (that…) It has now become evident to us that a mistake has been made. evident in/from something The growing interest in history is clearly evident in the number of people visiting museums and historic houses. see also self-evident Thesaurusclearobvious apparent evident plainThese words all describe something that is easy to see or understand and leaves no doubts or confusion.clear easy to see or understand and leaving no doubts:Her instructions were very clear.obvious easy to see or understand:I don't understand how you missed such an obvious error.apparent [not usually before noun] (somewhat formal) easy to see or understand:It soon became apparent that everything had gone wrong.evident (somewhat formal) easy to see or understand:The orchestra played with evident enjoyment.plain easy to see or understand:He made it very plain that he wanted us to leave.which word?These words all have almost exactly the same meaning. There are slight differences in register and patterns of use. If you make something clear/plain, you do so deliberately because you want people to understand something; if you make something obvious, you usually do it without meaning to:I hope I make myself obvious. Try not to make it so clear/plain.In the expressions clear majority, for obvious reasons, for no apparent reason, and plain to see, none of the other words can be used instead. You can have a clear/an obvious/a plain case of something but not:an evident case of something.Patterns clear/obvious/apparent/evident/plain to somebody/something clear/obvious/apparent/evident/plain that/what/who/how/where/why… to seem/become/make something clear/obvious/apparent/evident/plain perfectly/quite/very clear/obvious/apparent/evident/plain
  3. AWL Collocationsevidentevident adjectiveappear, seem become remainSeveral trends become evident from the results.clearly, plainly especially, particularly increasinglyA regional pattern is clearly evident in the data.evidence nounanecdotal circumstantial empirical, experimental scientific theoretical compelling, convincingThere is extensive theoretical and empirical evidence. This experimental evidence is based on clinical observations of patients.based onThese observations are based on the evidence provided by numerous surveys.find, gather present, provideEvidence was gathered from a number of sources. In this paper, I have provided evidence for two major assumptions of the theory.indicate, suggest back, support justify, prove, substantiateEmpirical evidence suggests that being married and being employed are frequently associated with better health.body of ~As the body of scientific evidence grows, the speed of climatic change is proving greater than predicted.
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