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  1. 1only to be used by one particular person or group; only given to one particular person or group The hotel has exclusive access to the beach. exclusive rights to televise the World Series His mother has told “People” magazine about his death in an exclusive interview (= not given to any other newspaper).
  2. 2(of a group, society, etc.) not very willing to allow new people to become members, especially if they are from a lower social class He belongs to an exclusive club.
  3. 3of a high quality and expensive, and therefore not often bought or used by most people an exclusive hotel exclusive designer clothes
  4. 4not able to exist or be a true statement at the same time as something else The two options are not mutually exclusive (= you can have them both).
  5. 5(formal) exclusive of somebody/something not including someone or something The price is for room only, exclusive of meals. opposite inclusive
    adverb a charity that relies almost exclusively on voluntary contributions
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