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    [uncountable, countable]
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  1. 1the act of spending or using money; an amount of money spent a reduction in public/government/military expenditure plans to increase expenditure on health The budget provided for a total expenditure of $27 billion. the growing gap between income and expenditure Thesauruscostsspending expenditure expenses overhead (costs) outlayThese are all words for money spent by a government, an organization, or a person.costs the total amount of money that needs to be spent by a business:labor/production costs rising costsspending the amount of money that is spent, especially by a government or an organization:public spending The governor promised more spending on public health programs.expenditure (somewhat formal) an amount of money spent by a government, an organization, or a person:expenditure on educationexpenses money that has to be spent by a person or an organization; money that you spend while you are working, that your employer will pay back to you later:legal expenses travel expensesoverhead (costs) the regular costs of running a business or organization, such as rent, electricity, and wages:High overhead means small profit margins.outlay the money that you have to spend in order to start a new business or project, or in order to save yourself money or time later:The best equipment is costly but is well worth the outlay.Patterns spending/expenditure/outlay on something high/low costs/spending/expenditure/expenses/overhead (costs) total costs/spending/expenditure/expenses/overhead (costs)/outlay capital costs/spending/expenditure/expenses/outlay household costs/spending/expenditure/expenses government/public/education/health costs/spending/expenditure to increase/reduce/bring down costs/spending/expenditure/expenses/overhead (costs)/the outlay
  2. 2(formal) the use of energy, time, materials, etc. the expenditure of emotion This study represents a major expenditure of time and effort. compare income
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