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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they expose
    he / she / it exposes
    past simple exposed
    -ing form exposing
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    show something hidden
  1. 1to show something that is usually hidden synonym reveal expose something He smiled suddenly, exposing a set of amazingly white teeth. Miles of sand are exposed at low tide. My job as a journalist is to expose the truth. expose something to somebody He did not want to expose his fears and insecurity to anyone.
  2. show truth
  3. 2expose somebody/something (as something) to tell the true facts about a person or a situation, and show them/it to be immoral, illegal, etc. She was exposed as a liar and a fraud. He threatened to expose the racism that existed within the police force.
  4. to something harmful
  5. 3expose somebody/something/yourself (to something) to put someone or something in a place or situation where they are not protected from something harmful or unpleasant to expose yourself to ridicule Do not expose babies to strong sunlight. The roof collapsed, exposing the timbers to the elements. You could be exposing yourself to unnecessary risks when driving alone.
  6. give experience
  7. 4expose somebody to something to let someone find out about something by letting them experience it or showing them what it is like We want to expose the kids to as much art and culture as possible. mountain communities that had not been exposed to tourism before
  8. film in camera
  9. 5expose something to allow light onto the film inside a camera when taking a photograph
  10. yourself
  11. 6expose yourself a man who exposes himself shows his sexual organs in public in a way that is offensive to other people see also exposure
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