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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they express
    he / she / it expresses
    past simple expressed
    -ing form expressing
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  1. 1to show or make known a feeling, an opinion, etc. by words, looks, or actions express something Teachers have expressed concern about the changes. His views have been expressed in numerous speeches. to express fears/doubts/reservations to express interest/regret/surprise express how, what, etc… Words cannot express how pleased I am. see also unexpressed
  2. 2to speak, write, or communicate in some other way, what you think or feel express yourself Teenagers often have difficulty expressing themselves. express yourself + adv./prep. Perhaps I have not expressed myself very well. She expresses herself most fully in her paintings.
  3. 3express itself (+ adv./prep.) (formal) (of a feeling) to become obvious in a particular way Their pleasure expressed itself in a burst of applause.
  4. 4(mathematics) to represent something in a particular way, for example by symbols express something as something The figures are expressed as percentages. express something in something Educational expenditure is often expressed in terms of the amount spent per student.
  5. 5express something (from something) to remove air or liquid from something by pressing it Coconut milk is expressed from grated coconuts.
  6. 6express something (to somebody/something) to send something by a special, very quick system of delivery As soon as I receive payment I will express the book to you.
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