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  1. 1a feeling, situation, way of behaving, etc. that is as different as possible from another or is opposite to it extremes of love and hate He used to be very shy, but now he's gone to the opposite extreme (= changed from one extreme kind of behavior to another).
  2. 2the greatest or highest degree of something extremes of cold, wind, or rain the climatic extremes of the mountains
  3. Idioms
    go, etc. to extremes, take something to extremes
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    to act or be forced to act in a way that is far from normal or reasonable It's embarrassing the extremes he'll go to in order to impress his boss. Taken to extremes, this kind of behavior can be dangerous. In the jungle they were driven to extremes in order to survive.
    in the extreme (formal)
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    to a great degree The journey would be dangerous in the extreme.
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