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  1. 1staying with or supporting a particular person, organization, or belief synonym loyal a faithful friend/dog/servant She was rewarded for 40 years of faithful service to the company. I have been a faithful reader of your newspaper for many years. faithful to somebody/something He remained faithful to the ideals of the party.
  2. 2the faithful noun [plural] people who believe in a religion; the loyal supporters of a political party The president will keep the support of the party faithful.
  3. 3(of a wife, husband, or partner) faithful (to somebody) not having a sexual relationship with anyone else opposite unfaithful
  4. 4true and accurate; not changing anything a faithful copy/account/description faithful to something His translation manages to be faithful to the spirit of the original.
  5. 5[only before noun] able to be trusted; that you can rely on my faithful old car
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noun [uncountable] faithfulness to tradition She had doubts about his faithfulness.
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