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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they fan
    he / she / it fans
    past simple fanned
    -ing form fanning
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  1. 1fan somebody/something/yourself to make air blow onto someone or something by waving a fan, your hand, etc. He fanned himself with a newspaper to cool down. A warm breeze fanned her cheeks.
  2. 2fan something to make a fire burn more strongly by blowing on it Fanned by a westerly wind, the fire spread rapidly through the city.
  3. 3fan something (literary) to make a feeling, an attitude, etc. stronger synonym fuel His reluctance to answer her questions simply fanned her curiosity.
  4. Idioms
    fan the flames (of something)
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    to make a feeling such as anger, hatred, etc. worse His writings fanned the flames of racism.
    Phrasal Verbsfan out
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