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    (favourable) adjective
    , NAmE//ˈfeɪvrəbl//
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  1. 1making people have a good opinion of someone or something She made a favorable impression on his parents. The biography shows him in a favorable light.
  2. 2positive and showing your good opinion of someone or something favorable comments Reviews of the book have been favorable.
  3. 3favorable (to/for somebody/something) good for something and making it likely to be successful or have an advantage synonym advantageous The terms of the agreement are favorable to both sides. The weather was favorable for a barbecue outside. favorable economic conditions
  4. 4fairly good and not too expensive They offered me a loan on very favorable terms. opposite unfavorable
favorability (favourability)
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, NAmE//ˌfeɪvrəˈbɪlət̮i//
noun [uncountable]
favorably (favourably)
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, NAmE//ˈfeɪvrəbli//
adverb He speaks very favorably of your work. These figures compare favorably with last year's. I was very favorably impressed with her work.