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    (fiercer, fiercest)
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  1. 1(especially of people or animals) angry and aggressive in a way that is frightening a fierce dog Two fierce eyes glared at them. He suddenly looked fierce. She spoke in a fierce whisper. The more she struggled, the fiercer the waves became.
  2. 2(especially of actions or emotions) showing strong feelings or a lot of activity, often in a way that is violent fierce loyalty the scene of fierce fighting He launched a fierce attack on the Democrats. Competition from abroad became fiercer in the 1990s. His wife is his fiercest critic. The bill was passed despite fierce opposition.
  3. 3(of weather conditions or temperatures) very strong in a way that could cause damage fierce wind the fierce heat of the flames
  4. Idioms
    something fierce (informal)
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    very much; more than usual I sure do miss you something fierce!
adverb “Let go of that,” she said fiercely. fiercely competitive They remain fiercely opposed to outside intervention. The aircraft was burning fiercely.
noun [uncountable]
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