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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they figure
    he / she / it figures
    past simple figured
    -ing form figuring
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    be important
  1. 1[intransitive] to be part of a process, situation, etc., especially an important part synonym feature My feelings about the matter didn't seem to figure at all. figure (as something) (in/on/among something) Do I still figure in your plans? The question of the peace settlement is likely to figure prominently in the talks. It did not figure high on her list of priorities.
  2. think/decide
  3. 2[transitive] (informal) to think or decide that something will happen or is true figure (that)… I figured (that) if I took a late plane from Seattle, I'd be in Miami by morning. We figured the sensible thing to do was to wait. figure something That's what I figured. figure why, whether, etc… He tried to figure why she had come.
  4. calculate
  5. 3[transitive] figure something (at something) to calculate an amount or the cost of something We figured the attendance at 150 ,000.
  6. Idioms
    go figure (informal)
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    used to say that you do not understand the reason for something, or that you do not want to give an explanation for something because you think it is obvious People are more aware of the risks of smoking nowadays, but more young women are smoking than ever. Go figure!
    it/that figures
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    used to say that something was expected or seems logical “John called in sick.” “That figures; he wasn't feeling well yesterday.” (disapproving) “She was late again.” “Yes, that figures.”
    Phrasal Verbsfigure on somethingfigure somebody/somethingout
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