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  1. 1a piece of cloth with a special colored design on it that may be the symbol of a particular country or organization, or may have a particular meaning. A flag can be attached to a pole or held in the hand the American flag the flag of the United States The hotel flies theCanadian flag. The Mexican flag was flying. All the flags were at half mast (= in honor of a famous person who has died). The black and white flag went down, and the race began.
  2. 2used to refer to a particular country or organization and its beliefs and values to swear allegiance to the flag He was working under the flag of the United Nations.
  3. 3a piece of cloth that is attached to a pole and used as a signal or marker in various sports
  4. 4a flower that is a type of iris and that grows near water yellow flags
  5. 5= flagstone
  6. Idioms
    fly/show/wave the flag
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    to show your support for your country, an organization, or an idea to encourage or persuade others to do the same
    keep the flag flying
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    to represent your country or organization Our exporters keep the flag flying at international trade exhibitions.
    like waving a red flag in front of a bull
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    something that is likely to make someone very angry
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