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    (fresher, freshest)
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  1. 1(usually of food) recently produced or picked and not frozen, dried, or preserved in cans Is this milk fresh? fresh bread/flowers Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. vegetables fresh from the garden Our chefs use only the freshest produce available.
  2. new
  3. 2made or experienced recently fresh tracks in the snow Let me write it down while it's still fresh in my mind.
  4. 3[usually before noun] new or different in a way that adds to or replaces something fresh evidence I think it's time we tried a fresh approach. a fresh coat of paint The Supreme Court is going to be taking a fresh look at the matter. Once the former president has departed, the country must hold fresh elections. Fresh towels are provided every day. Could we order some fresh coffee? This is the opportunity he needs to make a fresh start (= to try something new after not being successful at something else).
  5. clean/cool
  6. 4[usually before noun] pleasantly clean, pure, or cool a toothpaste that leaves a nice fresh taste in your mouth Let's go and get some fresh air (= go outside where the air is cooler). Her hair smelled fresh and newly washed.
  7. water
  8. 5[usually before noun] containing no salt There is a shortage of fresh water on the island. see also freshwater
  9. wind
  10. 6quite strong and cold synonym brisk a fresh breeze The winds are likely to get fresher toward the end of the day.
  11. clear/bright
  12. 7looking clear, bright, and attractive He looked fresh and neat in a clean white shirt. a collection of summer dresses in fresh colors Regular facials help to keep the skin looking clean and fresh. The yellow paint makes the kitchen look much fresher. a fresh complexion
  13. full of energy
  14. 8[not usually before noun] full of energy I was able to sleep on the plane and arrived feeling as fresh as a daisy.
  15. just finished
  16. 9fresh from something having just come from a particular place; having just had a particular experience students fresh from college fresh from her success at the Olympic Games
  17. rude/confident
  18. 10[not before noun] fresh (with somebody) (informal) rude and too confident in a way that shows a lack of respect for someone or a sexual interest in someone Don't get fresh with me!
    noun [uncountable] We guarantee the freshness of all our produce. This wine has a freshness and vitality that appeals to many drinkers. the cool freshness of the water I like the freshness of his approach to the problem.
  20. Idioms
    a breath of (fresh) air
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    clean air breathed in after being indoors or in a dirty atmosphere We'll get a breath of fresh air at lunchtime.
    a breath of fresh air
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    a person, thing, or place that is new and different and therefore interesting and exciting
    new/fresh blood
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    new members or employees, especially young ones, with new ideas or ways of doing things This company really needs to bring in some new blood.
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