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    person you like
  1. 1a person you know well and like, and who is not usually a member of your family This is my friend Tom. Is he a friend of yours? She's an old friend (= I have known her a long time). He's one of my best friends. a close/good friend a childhood/family/lifelong friend I heard about it through a friend of a friend. She has a wide circle of friends. see also befriend, boyfriend, fair-weather, false friend, girlfriend, school friend
  2. supporter
  3. 2a person who supports an organization, a charity, etc., especially by giving or raising money; a person who supports a particular idea, etc. the Friends of the Jones Library a friend of democracy theater tickets are 10% cheaper for Friends.
  4. not enemy
  5. 3a person who has the same interests and opinions as yourself, and will help and support you You're among friends here—you can speak freely. His eyes were moving from face to face: friend or foe?
  6. silly/annoying person
  7. 4(ironic) used to talk about someone you do not know who has done something silly or annoying I wish our friend at the next table would shut up.
  8. in religion
  9. 5Friend a member of the Society of Friends synonym Quaker
  10. Idioms
    be/make friends (with somebody)
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    to be/become a friend of someone We've been friends for years. They had a fight, but they're friends again now. Samantha finds it hard to make friends with other children.
    be (just) good friends
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    used to say that two friends are not having a romantic relationship with each other They gradually got to know each other better but they remained just good friends.
    a friend in need (is a friend indeed) (saying)
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    a friend who gives you help when you need it (is a true friend)
    have friends in high places
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    to know important people who can help you “How did he get promoted so quickly?” “Oh, he's got friends in high places.”
    man's best friend
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    a way of describing a dog
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