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    (friendlier, friendliest)
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  1. 1behaving in a kind and pleasant way because you like someone or want to help them a warm and friendly person friendly to/toward(s) somebody Everyone was very friendly toward me. opposite unfriendly
  2. 2showing kindness; making you feel relaxed and as though you are among friends a friendly smile/welcome a small hotel with a friendly atmosphere opposite unfriendly
  3. 3friendly (with somebody) treating someone as a friend We soon became friendly with the couple next door. She was on friendly terms with most of the hospital staff. We were not on the friendliest of terms (= we were not friendly at all).
  4. 4(especially of the relationship between countries) not treating someone or something as an enemy to maintain friendly relations with all countries opposite hostile
  5. 5 (often in compound adjectives) that is helpful and easy to use; that helps someone or something or does not harm it This software is much friendlier than the previous version. environmentally friendly farming methods ozone-friendly cleaning materials see also user-friendly
  6. 6 in which the people, teams, etc. taking part are not seriously competing against each other a friendly argument friendly rivalry It was only a friendly game.
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noun [uncountable] We were greeted with warmth and friendliness.