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    (fuller, fullest)
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    with no empty space
  1. 1full (of something) containing or holding as much or as many as possible; having no empty space a full bottle of wine She could only nod, because her mouth was full. My suitcase was full of books. There were cardboard boxes stuffed full of clothes.
  2. having a lot
  3. 2full of something having or containing a large number or amount of something The sky was full of brightly colored fireworks. Life is full of coincidences. Our new brochure is crammed full of inspirational ideas. animals pumped full of antibiotics She was full of admiration for the care she had received. He smiled, his eyes full of laughter.
  4. talking a lot
  5. 3full of something (of a person) thinking or talking a lot about a particular thing He was full of his new job and everything he'd been doing.
  6. with food
  7. 4having had enough to eat No more for me, thanks—I'm full. The kids still weren't full, so I gave them more pasta. You can't run on a full stomach.
  8. complete
  9. 5[usually before noun] complete; with nothing missing Full details are available on request. I still don't think we've heard the full story. Would you like a sandwich or a full meal? A full refund will be given if the item is faulty. Fill in your full name and address. The country applied for full membership in the World Trade Organization. It is too early to assess the full extent of the damage. They sell a full range of hair and beauty products.
  10. as much as possible
  11. 6[usually before noun] to the highest level or greatest amount possible synonym maximum Many people don't use their computers to their full potential. measures to achieve full employment Students should take full advantage of the university's facilities. She came around the corner at full speed.
  12. for emphasis
  13. 7[only before noun] used to emphasize an amount or a quantity She is a full four inches shorter than her sister.
  14. busy
  15. 8busy; involving a lot of activities He had a very full life. Her life was too full to find time for hobbies.
  16. moon
  17. 9appearing as a complete circle The moon was full, the sky clear. see also full moon
  18. fat
  19. 10(of a person or part of the body) large and round.Fullis sometimes used to avoid saying “fat” They specialize in clothes for women with a fuller figure.
  20. clothes
  21. 11made with plenty of cloth; fitting loosely a full skirt
  22. tone/voice/flavor
  23. 12deep, strong, and rich He draws a unique full sound from the instrument. the full fruity flavor of the wine
  24. Idioms
    full of it (informal) (disapproving)
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    (of a person) not telling the truth; tending to exaggerate things “You are so full of it!” she retorted furiously.
    full of yourself (disapproving)
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    very proud; thinking only of yourself
    including the whole of something The address must be printed in full.
    to the fullest
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    to the greatest possible degree I've always believed in living life to the fullest.
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