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    (funnier, funniest)
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  1. 1making you laugh; amusing a funny story That's the funniest thing I ever heard. It's not funny! Someone could have been hurt. I was really embarrassed, but then Isaw the funny side of it. (ironic) Oh very funny! You expect me to believe that? What's so funny?” she demanded. Note that funny does not mean “enjoyable”:The party was great fun.The party was very funny.
  2. strange
  3. 2difficult to explain or understand synonym strange, peculiar A funny thing happened to me today. It's funny how things never happen the way you expect them to. That's funny—he was here a minute ago and now he's gone. The funny thing is it never happened again after that. The engine's making a very funny noise. I'm glad I didn't get that job, in a funny sort of way.
  4. suspicious/illegal
  5. 3(informal) suspicious and probably illegal or dishonest I suspect there may be something funny going on. If there has been any funny business, we'll soon find out.
  6. ill/sick
  7. 4(informal) slightly ill/sick I feel a little funny today—I don't think I'll go to work.
  8. machine
  9. 5(informal) not working as it should My computer is acting funny.
  10. Thesaurusfunnyamusing entertaining witty humorous comical hilariousThese words all describe someone or something that makes you laugh or smile.funny that makes you laugh:a funny story She was a very funny lady.amusing (somewhat formal) funny and enjoyable:It's a very amusing game to play.entertaining amusing and interesting:It was a very entertaining evening.witty smart and amusing; able to say or write smart and amusing things:a witty remark a witty public speakerhumorous funny and entertaining; showing a sense of humor:a humorous look at the world of fashioncomical funny, especially because of being strange or unexpected:Many of the scenes in the book are truly comical.hilarious extremely funnyfunny, amusing, humorous, or comical?Amusing is the most general of these words because it includes the idea of being enjoyable as well as making people laugh, and can be used to describe events, activities, and occasions:an amusing party/evening a funny/humorous/comic party/evening. Humorous is more about showing that you see the humor in a situation than actually making people laugh out loud. Comical is used especially to talk about things that are funny in an unexpected way. It is not used to describe people. Funny can describe people, jokes and stories, things that happen, or anything that makes people laugh. It can also mean “odd” in a somewhat comical way:He's a funny old man.Patterns a(n) funny/amusing/entertaining/witty/humorous/comical story a(n) funny/amusing/entertaining/witty/humorous speech a(n) funny/entertaining/witty/humorous writer a(n) funny/amusing/hilarious joke to find something funny/amusing/entertaining/witty/humorous/comical/hilariousIdioms
    funny ha-ha (informal)
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    used to show that “funny” is being used with the meaning of “amusing”
    funny weird/strange (informal)
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    used to show that “funny” is being used with the meaning of “strange”
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