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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they gallop
    he / she / it gallops
    past simple gallopped
    past simple galloped
    -ing form gallopping
    -ing form galloping
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  1. 1[intransitive] (+ adv./prep.) when a horse or similar animal gallops, it moves very fast and each stride includes a stage when all four feet are off the ground together The terrified horse galloped off. The ponies galloped along the sand. compare canter
  2. 2[intransitive, transitive] to ride a horse very fast, usually at a gallop (+ adv./prep.) Jo galloped across the field toward him. gallop something (+ adv./prep.) He galloped his horse home. compare canter
  3. 3[intransitive] (+ adv./prep.) (informal) (of a person) to run very quickly synonym charge She came galloping down the street.
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