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go through

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb
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if a law, contract, etc. goes through, it is officially accepted or completed The deal did not go through.

    go through something

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  1. 1to look at or examine something carefully, especially in order to find something I always start the day by going through my e-mail. She went through the company's accounts, looking for evidence of fraud.
  2. 2to study or consider something in detail, especially by repeating it Let's go through the arguments again. Could we go through (= practice) Act 2 once more?
  3. 3to perform a series of actions; to follow a method or procedure Certain formalities have to be gone through before you can emigrate.
  4. 4to experience or suffer something She's been going through a bad time recently. He's amazingly cheerful considering all he's had to go through.
  5. 5to use up or finish something completely The boys went through two whole loaves of bread.
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