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(pl. goes
(also try)
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  • an attempt at doing something It took three goes to get it right. I doubt if he'll listen to advice from me, but I'll give it a go (= I'll try but I don't think I will succeed).
  • Idioms
    be a go (informal)
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    to be planned and possible or allowed I'm not sure if Friday's trip is a go.
    be on the go (also be on the move) (informal)
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    to be very active and busy I've been on the go all day. Having four children keeps her on the go.
    have a go (at something/at doing something)
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    to make an attempt to do something “I can't start the engine.” “Let me have a go.” I'll have a go at fixing it tonight.
    in one go (informal)
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    all together on one occasion I'd rather do the trip in one go, and not stop on the way. They ate the whole bag of potato chips all in one go.
      let somebody go
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    1. 1to allow someone to be free synonym free Will they let the hostages go?
    2. 2to make someone have to leave their job They had to let 100 employees go because of falling profits.
      let somebody/something go, let go (of somebody/something)
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    1. 1to stop holding someone or something Don't let the rope go. Don't let go of the rope. Let go! You're hurting me!
    2. 2to give up an idea or an attitude, or control of something It's time to let the past go. It's time to let go of the past.
    let something go
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    to stop taking care of a house, garden, etc. I'm afraid I've let the garden go this year. Let the house go in order to spend time with the kids.
    let it go (at that)
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    to say or do no more about something I don't entirely agree, but I'll let it go at that. I thought she was hinting at something, but I let it go.
      let yourself go
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    1. 1to behave in a relaxed way without worrying about what people think of your behavior Come on, enjoy yourself, let yourself go!
    2. 2to stop being careful about how you look and dress, etc. He has let himself go since he lost his job.
    make a go of something (informal)
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    to be successful in something We've had a few problems in our marriage, but we're both determined to make a go of it.
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