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    , best
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    high quality
  1. 1of high quality or an acceptable standard a good book good food The piano was in good condition. Your work is just not good enough. The results were pretty good. Sorry, my English is not very good. This is as good a place as any to spend the night. You'll never marry her—she's much too good for you.
  2. pleasant
  3. 2pleasant; that you enjoy or want Did you have a good time in London? It's good to see you again. This is very good news. Let's hope we have good weather tomorrow. We are still friends, though, which is good. It's a good thing (= it's lucky) you came early. synonyms at fun
  4. sensible/strong
  5. 3sensible, logical, or strongly supporting what is being discussed Thank you,good question. Yes, that's a good point. I have good reason to be suspicious. What a good idea! This is a good example of what I mean.
  6. favorable
  7. 4showing or getting approval or respect The play had good reviews. The hotel has a good reputation. He comes from a good family.
  8. skillful
  9. 5able to do something well to be a good actor/cook good at something to be good at languages/your job good at doing something Nick has always been good at finding cheap flights.
  10. 6good with something/somebody able to use something or deal with people well She's good with her hands (= able to make things, etc.). He's very good with children.
  11. morally right
  12. 7morally right; behaving in a way that is morally right She has tried to lead a good life. a good deed Giving her that money was a good thing to do. He is a very good man.
  13. following rules
  14. 8following strictly a set of rules or principles It is good practice to supply a written report to the buyer. She was a good Catholic girl.
  15. kind
  16. 9willing to help; showing kindness to other people good (to somebody) He was very good to me when I was sick. good (of somebody) (to do something) It was very good of you to come. good (about something) I had to take a week off work but my colleagues were very good about it.
  17. child
  18. 10behaving well or politely You can stay up late if you're good. Get dressed now, that's a good girl.
  19. healthy
  20. 11healthy or strong Can you speak into my good ear? I don't feel too good today. “How are you?” “I'm good.” (= used as a general reply to a greeting) synonyms at well
  21. useful/helpful
  22. 12good (for somebody/something) having a useful or helpful effect on someone or something Too much sun isn't good for you. It's probably good for you to get some criticism now and then. (informal) Shut your mouth,if you know what's good for you (= used as a threat).
  23. 13no good doing something no good to somebody not having a useful or helpful effect It's no good complaining—they never listen. This book is no good to me: I need the new edition.
  24. suitable
  25. 14suitable or appropriate Now is a good time to buy a house. good for something/to do something She would be good for the job. good for somebody Can we change our meeting? Monday isn't good (= convenient) for me.
  26. showing approval
  27. 15(informal) used to show that you approve of or are pleased about something that has been said or done, or to show that you want to move on to a new topic of conversation “Dinner's ready.” “Good—I'm starving.” “I got the job.” “Oh, good.” Good, I think we've come to a decision.
  28. 16[only before noun] (informal) used as a form of praise Good old Jack! “I ordered some drinks.” “Good man!”
  29. in exclamations
  30. 17(informal) used in exclamations Good heavens! Good God! Some people find this use offensive.
  31. large
  32. 18[only before noun] great in number, amount, or degree a good many people The kitchen is a good size. We spent a good while (= quite a long time) looking for the house. He devoted a good deal of (= a lot of) attention to the problem. There's a good chance (= it is likely) that I won't be here next year.
  33. at least
  34. 19not less than; rather more than We waited for a good hour. It's a good three miles to the station.
  35. thorough
  36. 20[only before noun] thorough; complete We had a good laugh about it afterward. You'll feel better after a good sleep.
  37. amusing
  38. 21[usually before noun] amusing a good story/joke (informal) That's a good one!
  39. for particular time/distance
  40. 22good for something having enough energy, health, strength, etc. to last for a particular length of time or distance You're good for (= you will live) a few years yet.
  41. 23good for something valid for something The ticket is good for three months.
  42. likely to provide
  43. 24good for something likely to provide something He's always good for a laugh. Bobby should be good for a few drinks.
  44. Thesauruswellgood all right OK fine healthy strong in shapeThese words all describe someone who is not sick and is in good health.well [not usually before noun] (somewhat informal) in good health:Is he well enough to travel? Well is used especially to talk about your own health, to ask someone about their health, or to make a comment on it.good [not usually before noun] (somewhat informal) in good health:I don't feel good. She's looking much better these days.all right [not before noun] (somewhat informal) not feeling ill; not injured:Are you feeling all right?OK [not before noun] (informal) not feeling ill; not injured:She says that she's OK now, and will be back at work tomorrow.all right or ok?These words are slightly less positive than the other words in this group. They are both used in spoken English, to talk about not actually being sick or injured, rather than being positively in good health. Both are somewhat informal but OK is slightly more informal than all right.fine [not before noun] (not used in negative statements) (somewhat informal) completely well:“How are you?” “Fine, thanks.” Fine is used especially to talk about your health, especially when someone asks you how you are. It is also used to talk about someone's health when you are talking to someone else.healthy in good health and not likely to become sick:Stay healthy by exercising regularly.strong in good health and not suffering from an illness:After a few weeks, she was feeling stronger. Strong is often used to talk about becoming healthy again after an shape in good physical health, especially because you take regular physical exercise:I go swimming every day in order to stay in shape.Patterns all right/OK/in shape for something all right/OK to do something to feel/look well/good/all right/OK/fine/healthy/strong to keep (somebody) well/healthy/in shape perfectly well/all right/OK/fine/healthy physically well/healthy/strong Vocabulary Buildinggood and very good Instead of saying that something is good or very good, try to use more precise and interesting adjectives to describe things: delicious/tasty food an exciting/entertaining/absorbing movie an absorbing/a fascinating/an informative book a pleasant/an enjoyable trip a skillful/skilled/talented player impressive/high-quality/superb acting useful/helpful advice In conversation, you can use words like great, super, wonderful, and excellent.Idioms very nearly The matter is as good as settled. He as good as called me a coward (= suggested that I was a coward without actually using the word “coward”). She's as good as won.
    as good as it gets
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    used when you are saying that a situation is not going to get any better
    good and… (informal)
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    completely I won't go until I'm good and ready.
    good for you, somebody, them, etc. (informal)
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    used to praise someone for doing something well “I passed first time.” “Good for you!”
    a good many
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    a lot of There are still a good many empty seats.
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