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  1. 1a place in the ground where a dead person is buried We visited Grandma's grave. There were flowers on the grave.
  2. 2[singular] the grave (usually literary) death; a person's death Is there life beyond the grave (= life after death)? He followed her to the grave (= died soon after her). She smoked herself into an early grave (= died young as a result of smoking).
  3. Idioms
    dig your own grave, dig a grave for yourself
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    to do something that will have very harmful results for you
    from the cradle to the grave
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    a way of referring to the whole of a person's life, from birth until death
    have one foot in the grave (informal)
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    to be so old or sick that you are not likely to live much longer
    turn/roll (over) in his/her grave
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    (of a person who is dead) likely to be very shocked or angry My father would turn over in his grave if he knew.
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