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    (especially Canadian English grey) adjective
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  1. 1having the color of smoke or ash gray eyes/hair wisps of gray smoke a gray suit
  2. 2[not usually before noun] having gray hair He's gotten very gray.
  3. 3(of a person's skin color) pale and dull, because they are sick, tired, or sad The next morning she looked very gray and hollow-eyed.
  4. 4(of the sky or weather) dull; full of clouds gray skies I hate these gray days.
  5. 5without interest or variety; making you feel sad Life seems gray and pointless without him.
  6. 6(disapproving) not interesting or attractive The company was full of faceless gray men who all looked the same.
  7. 7[only before noun] connected with old people the gray vote gray power
    noun [uncountable, singular]