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    (greener, greenest)
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  1. 1having the color of grass or the leaves of most plants and trees green beans Wait for the light to turn green (= on traffic lights).
  2. covered with grass
  3. 2covered with grass or other plants green fields/hills After the rains, the land was green with new growth.
  4. fruit
  5. 3not yet ready to eat green tomatoes
  6. person
  7. 4(informal) (of a person) young and lacking experience The new trainees are still very green.
  8. 5(of a person or their skin) being a pale color, as if the person is going to vomit It was a rough crossing and most of the passengers looked distinctly green.
  9. politics
  10. 6concerned with the protection of the environment; supporting the protection of the environment as a political principle green politics Try to adopt a greener lifestyle.
    noun [uncountable] the greenness of the countryside Supermarkets have started proclaiming the greenness of their products.
  12. Idioms
    the grass is (always) greener on the other side (of the fence) (saying)
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    said about people who never seem happy with what they have and always think that other people have a better situation than they have
    green with envy
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    very jealous
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