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  1. 1a pattern of straight lines, usually crossing each other to form squares New York's grid of streets
  2. 2a frame of metal or wooden bars that are parallel or cross each other see also cattle guard
  3. 3a pattern of squares on a map that are marked with letters or numbers to help you find the exact position of a place The grid reference is C8.
  4. 4a system of electric wires or pipes carrying gas, for sending power over a large area the development of the country's electricity grid
  5. 5(in motor racing) a pattern of lines marking the starting positions for the racing cars He has been put in the front row of the starting grid.
  6. 6the Grid [singular] (computing) a number of computers that are linked together using the Internet so that they can share power, data, etc. in order to work on difficult problems
  7. Idioms
    off the grid
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    not using the public supplies of electricity, gas, water, etc. The mountain cabin is entirely off the grid. You can produce your own power and live off the grid. see also off-the-grid
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