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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they guarantee
    he / she / it guarantees
    past simple guaranteed
    -ing form guaranteeing
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  1. 1to promise to do something; to promise something will happen guarantee something Basic human rights, including freedom of speech, are now guaranteed. guarantee (that)… We cannot guarantee (that) our flights will never be delayed. guarantee somebody something The ticket will guarantee you free entry. guarantee to do something We guarantee to deliver your order within a week.
  2. 2guarantee something (against something) to give a written promise to replace or repair a product free if it goes wrong This iron is guaranteed for a year against faulty workmanship.
  3. 3to make something certain to happen guarantee something Tonight's victory guarantees the team's place in the final. guarantee somebody something These days getting a degree doesn't guarantee you a job.
  4. 4guarantee (that)… to be certain that something will happen You can guarantee (that) the kids will start misbehaving as soon as they have to go to bed.
  5. 5to agree to be legally responsible for something or for doing something, especially for paying back money that someone else owes if they cannot pay it back themselves guarantee something to guarantee a bank loan guarantee to do something to guarantee to pay someone's debts guarantee that… I guarantee that he will appear in court.
  6. Idioms
    be guaranteed to do something
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    to be certain to have a particular result If we try to keep it a secret, she's guaranteed to find out. That kind of behavior is guaranteed to make him angry. Thesauruscertainbound sure definite guaranteedThese are all words describing something that will definitely happen or is definitely true.certain that you can rely on to happen or be true:It's certain that they will agree. They are certain to agree.bound [not before noun] certain to happen, or to do or be something. Bound is used only in the phrase bound to do/be, etc.:There are bound to be changes when the new system is introduced. You've done so much work—you're bound to pass the exam.sure certain to happen or be true; that can be trusted or relied on:She's sure to be picked for the team. It's sure to rain. Don't worry—it's a sure thing.definite certain to happen; that is not going to change:Our plans are not definite yet.guaranteed certain to have a particular result:That method is guaranteed to take much longer.Patterns certain/sure of something certain/bound/sure/guaranteed to do something certain/definite that… I couldn't say for certain/sure.
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