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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they haul
    he / she / it hauls
    past simple hauled
    -ing form hauling
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  1. 1to pull something or someone with a lot of effort haul something/somebody The wagons were hauled by horses. haul something/somebody + adv./prep. He reached down and hauled Liz up onto the wall. The car was hauled out of the river. fishermen hauling in their nets Thesauruspulldrag draw haul tow tugThese words all mean to move something in a particular direction, especially toward or behind you.pull to hold something and move it in a particular direction; to hold or be attached to a vehicle and move it along behind you:Pull the chair closer to the table. They use horses to pull their carts.drag to pull someone or something in a particular direction or behind you, usually along the ground, and especially with effort:The sack is too heavy to lift—you'll have to drag it.draw (formal) to move someone or something by pulling them/it gently; to pull a vehicle such as a carriage:I drew my chair closer to the fire. a horse-drawn carriagehaul to pull someone or something to a particular place with a lot of effort:Liz hauled her suitcase up the stairs.drag or haul?You usually drag something behind you along the ground; you usually haul something toward you, often upward toward you. Dragging something often needs effort, but hauling something always does.tow to pull a car, boat, or light plane behind another vehicle, using a rope or chain:Our car was towed away by the police.tug to pull someone or something hard in a particular direction:The boy tugged at his father's sleeve.Patterns to pull/drag/draw/haul/tow somebody/something along/down/toward something to pull/drag/draw/haul/tow somebody/something behind you to pull/drag/draw/haul a cart/sled to pull/draw a coach/carriage to pull/haul/tow a trailer horses pull/draw/haul something dogs pull/drag/haul something
  2. 2haul yourself up/out of, etc. to move yourself somewhere slowly and with a lot of effort She hauled herself out of bed. He hauled himself up.
  3. 3haul somebody + adv./prep. to force someone to go somewhere they do not want to go A number of suspects have been hauled in for questioning. He was hauled off to jail.
  4. 4[usually passive] haul somebody (up) before somebody/something to make someone appear in court in order to be judged He was hauled up before the local authorities for dangerous driving.
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