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    act of hitting
  1. 1an act of hitting someone or something with your hand or with an object held in your hand Give it a good hit. He made the winning hit.
  2. 2an occasion when something that has been thrown, fired, etc. at an object reaches that object The bomber scored a direct hit on the bridge. The aircraft suffered seven hits in the raid. We finished the first round with a score of two hits and six misses.
  3. something popular
  4. 3a person or thing that is very popular The duo was a real hit in last year's show. a hit musical The movie was a hit for him in 2008. Her new series is a smash hit.
  5. pop music
  6. 4a successful pop song or record They are about to release an album of their greatest hits. She played all her old hits. a hit record/single
  7. computing
  8. 5a result of a search on a computer, for example on the Internet
  9. of drug
  10. 6(slang) an amount of an illegal drug that is taken at one time a hit of cocaine/heroin
  11. murder
  12. 7(slang) a violent crime or murder see also hit man
  13. Idioms
    be/make a hit (with somebody)
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    to be liked very much by someone when they first meet you You've made a big hit with Bill.
    to be damaged or badly affected by something The airline industry took a hit last year.
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