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    (honour) noun
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  1. 1[uncountable] great respect and admiration for someone the guest of honor (= the most important one) the seat/place of honor (= given to the most important guest) They stood in silence as a mark of honor to her. see also maid of honor, matron of honor
  2. privilege
  3. 2[singular] (formal) something that you are very pleased or proud to do because people are showing you great respect It was a great honor to be invited here today. synonym privilege Thesauruspleasuredelight joy privilege treat honorThese are all words for things that make you happy or bring you enjoyment.pleasure a thing that brings you enjoyment or satisfaction:the pleasures and pains of everyday life It's been a pleasure talking with you.delight a thing or person that brings you great enjoyment or satisfaction:the delights of living in the countryjoy a thing or person that brings you great enjoyment or happiness:the joys and sorrows of childhoodpleasure, delight, or joy?A delight or a joy is greater than a pleasure; a person, especially a child, can be a delight or joy, but not a pleasure;joys are often contrasted with sorrows, but delights are not.privilege (somewhat formal) something that you are proud and lucky to have the opportunity to do:It was a great privilege to hear her sing.treat (informal) a thing that someone enjoyed or is likely to enjoy very much:You've never been to this area before? Then you're in for a real treat.honor (formal) something that you are very pleased or proud to do because people are showing you great respect:It was a great honor to be invited to speak here today.Patterns the pleasures/delights/joys of something It's a great pleasure/joy >to me that…> It's a pleasure/delight/joy/privilege/treat/honor >to do something> It's a pleasure/delight/joy >to see/find…> a pleasure/delight/joy to behold/watch a real pleasure/delight/joy/privilege/treat a great pleasure/joy/privilege/honor a rare joy/privilege/treat/honor
  4. moral behavior
  5. 3[uncountable] the quality of knowing and doing what is morally right a man of honor Proving his innocence has become a matter of honor.
  6. reputation
  7. 4[uncountable] a good reputation; respect from other people upholding the honor of your country The family honor is at stake. compare dishonor
  8. someone or something causing respect
  9. 5[singular] honor to something/somebody a person or thing that causes others to respect and admire something/someone She is an honor to the profession.
  10. award
  11. 6[countable] an award, official title, etc. given to someone as a reward for something that they have done to win the highest honor He was buried with full military honors (= with a special military service as a sign of respect).
  12. in education
  13. 7honors [plural] (often used as an adjective) a course that is at a higher level than a basic course an honors course I'm in honors English.
  14. 8honors [plural] if you pass an exam or graduate from a school with honors, you receive a special grade for having achieved a very high standard
  15. judge/mayor
  16. 9His/Her/Your honor [countable] a title of respect used when talking to or about a judge or a mayor No more questions, Your honor.
  17. Idioms
    do somebody an honor, do somebody the honor (of doing something) (formal)
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    to do something to make someone feel very proud and pleased Would you do me the honor of dining with me?
    do the honors
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    to perform a social duty or ceremony, such as pouring drinks, making a speech, etc. Would you do the honors and draw the winning ticket?
    have the honor of something/of doing something (formal)
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    to be given the opportunity to do something that makes you feel proud and happy May I have the honor of the next dance? It was Tevez who had the honor of scoring the first touchdown.
    (there is) honor among thieves (saying)
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    used to say that even criminals have standards of behavior that they respect
    (feel) honor-bound to do something (formal)
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    to feel that you must do something because of your sense of moral duty She felt honor-bound to attend as she had promised to. compare duty-bound
    in honor of somebody/something, in somebody's/something's honor
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    in order to show respect and admiration for someone or something a ceremony in honor of those killed in the explosion A banquet was held in her honor.
      on your honor (old-fashioned)
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    1. 1used to promise very seriously that you will do something or that something is true I swear on my honor that I knew nothing about this.
    2. 2to be trusted to do something You're on your honor not to go into my room.
    a point of honor
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    a thing that someone considers to be very important for their honor or reputation