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  1. 1independent (from/of something) (of countries) having their own government Mozambique became independent in 1975.
  2. separate
  3. 2done or given by someone who is not involved in a situation and so is able to judge it fairly an independent investigation/witness She went to a lawyer for some independent advice.
  4. 3independent (of somebody/something) not connected with or influenced by something; not connected with each other The police force should be independent of direct government control. Two independent research bodies reached the same conclusions.
  5. organization
  6. 4not supported by public money or a large organization an independent bookstore/movie
  7. person
  8. 5independent (of somebody/something) confident and free to do things without needing help from other people Going away to college has made me much more independent. She's a very independent-minded young woman. Students should aim to become more independent of their teachers. opposite dependent
  9. 6independent (of somebody/something) having or earning enough money so that you do not have to rely on someone else for help It was important to me to be financially independent of my parents. a man of independent means (= with an income that he does not earn by working) opposite dependent
  10. politician
  11. 7not representing or belonging to a particular political party an independent candidate
  12. independently
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    adverb independently (of somebody/something) The two departments work independently of each other. It was the first time that she had lived independently. Students should be able to work independently.
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