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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they influence
    he / she / it influences
    past simple influenced
    -ing form influencing
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  1. 1to have an effect on the way that someone behaves or thinks, especially by giving them an example to follow influence somebody/something His writings have influenced the lives of millions. to be strongly influenced by something Don't let me influence you either way. The governor refuses to be influenced by public opinion. Research shows that most young smokers are influenced by their friends. I don't want to influence you. It needs to be your own decision. influence how, whether, etc… The wording of questions can influence how people answer. influence somebody to do something She was influenced to start doing volunteer work by her teacher.
  2. 2influence something influence how, where, etc… to have an effect on a particular situation and the way that it develops A number of social factors influence life expectancy. The local climate is influenced by the Gulf Stream.
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