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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they inspire
    he / she / it inspires
    past simple inspired
    -ing form inspiring
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  1. 1to give someone the desire, confidence, or enthusiasm to do something well inspire somebody (with something) The actors inspired the kids with their enthusiasm. The actors' enthusiasm inspired the kids. inspire somebody to something His performance inspired the team to a thrilling win. inspire somebody to do something By visiting schools, the actors hope to inspire children to put on their own productions.
  2. 2[usually passive] inspire something to give someone the idea for something, especially something artistic or that shows imagination The choice of decor was inspired by a trip to India. His paintings were clearly inspired by Monet's work.
  3. 3to make someone have a particular feeling or emotion inspire somebody (with something) Her work didn't exactly inspire me with confidence. inspire something (in somebody) As a general, he inspired great loyalty in his troops.
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