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  1. 1(of people) having a close and friendly relationship intimate friends We're not on intimate terms with our neighbors.
  2. 2private and personal, often in a sexual way The article revealed intimate details about his family life. the most intimate parts of her body
  3. 3(of a place or situation) encouraging close, friendly relationships, sometimes of a sexual nature an intimate restaurant He knew an intimate little bar where they would not be disturbed.
  4. 4 (of knowledge) very detailed and thorough an intimate knowledge of the countryside
  5. 5(of a link between things) very close an intimate connection between class and educational success
  6. 6intimate (with somebody) (formal or law) having a sexual relationship with someone
  7. intimately adverb
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  8. intimately connected/linked/related an area of the country that he knew intimately She was intimately involved in the project.
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