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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they issue
    he / she / it issues
    past simple issued
    -ing form issuing
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    make known
  1. 1issue something (to somebody) to make something known formally They issued a joint statement denying the charges. The police have issued an appeal for witnesses.
  2. give
  3. 2[often passive] to give something to someone, especially officially issue something to issue passports/visas/tickets issue somebody with something New members will be issued with a temporary identification card. issue something to somebody Work permits were issued to only 5% of those who applied for them.
  4. law
  5. 3issue something to start a legal process against someone, especially by means of an official document to issue a writ against someone A warrant has been issued for his arrest.
  6. magazine
  7. 4issue something to produce something such as a magazine, article, etc. We issue a monthly newsletter.
  8. stamps/coins/shares
  9. 5issue something to produce new stamps, coins, shares, etc. for sale to the public They issued a special set of stamps to mark the occasion.
    noun credit-card issuers
  11. Phrasal Verbsissue from something
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