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    paid work
  1. 1work for which you receive regular payment He's trying to get a job. She took a job as a waitress. His brother's just lost his job. a summer/Saturday/vacation job a temporary/permanent job I'm thinking of applying for a new job. The takeover of the company is bound to mean more job losses. Many women are in part-time jobs. Did they offer you the job? He certainly knows his job (= is very good at his job). I'm only doing my job (= I'm doing what I am paid to do). He's been out of a job (= unemployed) for six months now. She's never had a steady job (= a job that is not going to end suddenly). Topic CollocationsUnemploymentlosing your job lose/quit/leave your job get/be fired/ (informal) laid off/ (formal) terminated/asked to resign (for doing something) be offered/take early retirement face/be threatened with dismissal dismiss/fire an employee/a worker/a manager lay off staff/workers/employees cut/reduce/downsize the workforcebeing unemployed be unemployed/out of work/out of a job look for/seek work/employment be on/collect/draw/get/receive unemployment (benefits) claim/draw/get/be on/qualify for unemployment (compensation) be/go/live/depend on welfare collect/receive/apply for/qualify for welfare combat/tackle/cut/reduce unemployment
  2. task
  3. 2a particular task or piece of work that you have to do I've got various jobs around the house. Sorting these papers out is going to be a long job. The builder has a couple of jobs going at the moment. see also nose job Thesaurustaskduties mission job choreThese are all words for a piece of work that someone has to do.task a piece of work that someone has to do, especially a difficult or unpleasant one:Our first task is to set up a communications system.duties tasks that are part of your job:Your duties include data entry and record keeping.mission an important official job that a person or group of people is given to do, especially when they are sent to another country:They went on a fact-finding mission to learn more about it.job a piece of work that someone has to do:I've got various jobs around the house.task or job?A task may be more difficult than a job and require you to think carefully about how you are going to do it. A job may be something small that is one of several things that you have to do, especially in the home; or a job can be something that takes a long time and is boring and/or needs a lot of patience.chore a task that you have to do regularly, especially one that you do in the home and find unpleasant or boring:household choresPatterns the task/mission/job/chore of (doing) something (a) daily/day-to-day task/duties/job/chore (a) routine task/duties/mission/job/chore a/an easy/difficult task/mission/job/chore (a) household/domestic task/duties/job/chore to do a task/a job/the chores to finish a task/a mission/a job/the chores to give somebody a task/their duties/a mission/a job/a chore
  4. duty
  5. 3[usually singular] a responsibility or duty It's not my job to lock up!
  6. crime
  7. 4(informal) a crime, especially stealing a bank job He got six months for that last job he did. an inside job (= done by someone in the organization where the crime happens)
  8. object
  9. 5(informal) a particular kind of thing It's real wood—not one of those plastic jobs.
  10. computing
  11. 6an item of work that is done by a computer as a single unit The job can be processed overnight.
  12. Thesaurusjobposition post vacancy appointmentThese are all words for a position doing work for which you receive regular payment.job a position doing work for which you receive regular payment:He's trying to get a job at a bank.position (formal) a job:I would like to apply for a position in sales.job or position?Position usually refers to a particular job within an organization, and is not usually used about about jobs generally. It is also often used in job applications, descriptions, and (formal) an important job, especially one in government:She was offered a key post in the new government.vacancy a job that is available for someone to do:We have several vacancies for nurses.appointment (somewhat formal) a job or position of responsibility:After two years, you will become eligible for a permanent appointment.Patterns a permanent/temporary job/position/post/vacancy/appointment a full-time/part-time job/position/post/vacancy/appointment to have/have got a(n) job/position/post/vacancy/appointment to apply for/fill a job/position/post/vacancy to resign from/leave/quit a job/position/postIdioms
    do a good, bad, etc. job (on something)
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    to do something well, badly, etc. They did a very professional job. You've certainly done an excellent job on the kitchen (= for example, painting it). We haven't done a very good job on the publicity for the show.
    do the job (informal)
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    to be effective or successful in doing what you want This extra strong glue should do the job.
    do a job on somebody/something (informal)
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    to harm or defeat someone, or to damage something The hurricane really did a job on the city.
    fall down on the job
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    to fail to do something that people expected you to do, or to do it badly The government fell down on the job of monitoring this company.
    good job! (informal)
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    used to tell someone that they have done well at something
    while doing a particular job No sleeping on the job! on-the-job training
    walk off the job
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    to stop working in order to go on strike
Topic CollocationsJobsgetting a job look for work look for/apply for/go for a job get/pick up/complete/fill out an application (form) send/e-mail your résumé/CV/application/application form/cover letter be called for/have/attend an interview offer somebody a job/work/employment/a promotion find/get/land a job employ/hire/recruit staff/workers/trainees recruit/appoint a managerdoing a job arrive at/get to/leave work/the office/the factory start/finish work/your shift do/put in/work overtime have/gain/get/lack/need experience/qualifications do/get/have/receive training learn/pick up/improve/develop (your) skills cope with/manage/share/spread/delegate the workload improve your/achieve a better work-life balance have (no) job satisfaction/job securitybuilding a career have a job/work/a career/a vocation find/follow/pursue your vocation enter/go into/join a profession choose/embark on/start/begin/pursue a career change jobs/professions/careers be/go/work freelance do/take on temp work/freelance work do/be engaged in/be involved in volunteer workleaving your job leave/quit/resign from your job give up work/your job/your career hand in your notice/resignation plan to/be due to retire in June/next year, etc. take early retirement
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