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  1. 1an act of jumping a jump of over six meters The story takes a jump back in time. Somehow he survived the jump from the third floor of the building. to do a parachute jump a ski jump champion I sat up with a jump (= quickly and suddenly). The negotiations took a jump forward yesterday (= they made progress). see also high jump, long jump, ski jump, triple jump
  2. barrier
  3. 2a barrier like a narrow fence that a horse or a runner has to jump over in a race or competition The horse fell at the last jump.
  4. increase
  5. 3jump (in something) a sudden increase in amount, price, or value a 20 percent jump in pre-tax profits unusually large price jumps
  6. Idioms
    a hop, skip, and (a) jump (informal)
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    a short distance It's just a hop, skip, and jump from here.
    to keep, etc. one jump ahead (of somebody)
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    to keep your advantage over someone, especially your competitors, by taking action before they do or by making sure you know more than they do
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