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  1. 1a narrow road in the country winding country lanes We drove along a muddy lane to reach the farmhouse. see also memory lane
  2. 2(especially in place names) a street in a town Rosemary Lane
  3. 3a section of a wide road, that is marked by painted white lines, to keep lines of traffic separate the northbound/southbound lane to change lanes She signaled and pulled over into the right lane. a four-lane highway see also bike lane, bus lane, bus lane, fast lane, fast lane, passing lane, slow lane
  4. 4a narrow marked section of a track or a swimming pool that is used by one person taking part in a race The Ohio State freshman in lane four is coming up fast from behind.
  5. 5a route used by ships or aircraft on regular journeys one of the world's busiest shipping/sea lanes
  6. Idioms
    in the fast lane
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    where things are most exciting and where a lot is happening He had a good job, plenty of money, and he was enjoying life in the fast lane.
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